The ultimate brain health programme for APOE4 carriers.

Your APOE4 status is not a sentence!

When combined with the right diet and lifestyle to support your genes and other unique factors, you can nourish and protect your brain now and for the future and drastically reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s.

And this course will give you everything you need to know to do just that!

Next enrolment opens January 2022!



  • Turn fear into empowerment with a better understanding of what APOE does, what your E4 variant means and how it influences the way your body functions (it's not bad - just different!). Plus, go beyond your genes to understand the many other factors within your control that have the power to build a resilient, healthy brain.
  • The most important tests for E4 carriers to check and monitor, how to interpret your results, and how to use them to guide you toward optimal health.
  • How to create your personalised brain protection plan with the right diet, lifestyle and supplement solutions for your unique needs, so you can take control of your health and nourish and protect your brain for life!


Living a life that supports your genes and brain health requires more than a 30-day health kick. It's about building a new normal that supports your needs on a daily basis - and that will likely require some new habits!

While changing your habits can seem daunting, I'm here to help make it easy.

As a bonus in this programme, I'll be introducing you to a whole new approach to improving your the way you eat, move and live every day - a way that will help you create new habits that stick with ease, even if you normally struggle with willpower and always falling off the wagon!


I'm a Naturopath and Nutritionist with a burning passion for building healthy brains.

A few years ago I sadly watched my Grandmother succumb to the ravages of dementia. My journey into the world of brain health then began as a personal one - to learn how I could best protect myself from the same fate.

Even with my knowledge of health and nutrition I was surprised at the incredible power we have at our fingertips to nourish and protect our brains - and I was shocked that most people had NO idea how their daily lives were impacting their precious mind, mood + memory.

Since that point, I've dedicated my entire practice to brain health. I've made it my mission to help people use a realistic, sustainable approach to implement science-backed practices to eat, move and live just a little better every day so that together we can harness the power to stop the tragic rise of dementia and Alzheimer's and create happier healthier minds!